Coaching Bancario AreaScoa®

Coaching Bancario AreaScoa®

AreaScoa® Banking Coaching (or Coaching Bancario AreaScoa®) is designed to “train” companies to acquire the skills necessary to effectively interact with banks.

The client company, through this methodology, will be able to improve its negotiating skills, in order to obtain credit services and reduce the incidence of bank costs.


Why Banking Coaching?

The current economic context is marked by a profound transformation of the banking system and growing attention by companies to managing their relationship with banks. It is therefore necessary, as well as strategic for these companies, to have training and consultancy services aimed at improving their “financial and managerial communication”, that is to say all communications which deal with a company’s income, finances, equity and management and which top management disseminate to the various categories and groups of stakeholders and in particular to banks.

Contributing to enhancing the entrepreneurial heritage of our territory, helping our companies to create value, is not only SCOA’s mission, but is inherent in our DNA. We firmly believe that supporting our entrepreneurial system by sharing ideas and knowledge, can facilitate the economic and social development of the country and guarantee widespread economic growth.

AreaScoa ® Banking Coaching (Coaching Bancario AreaScoa ®) was therefore designed not to offer a service as an end in itself, but to “train” companies to acquire the skills necessary to interact with banks in a fully aware manner, leading them to become increasingly independent and effective in this field.

This type of activity, as well as that of vertical research on sectors such as the Medtech sector, naturally completes our role as advisors who work on the ground alongside SMEs, a role that we continue to play with passion.

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