Medtech Champions

Medtech Champions

In 2017, on the occasion of SCOA’s 40th anniversary, we decided to publish our own report on the Medtech district in Emilia Romagna.

The aim was to create a report that was first and foremost useful for entrepreneurs in the sector, providing them with a fast and intuitive benchmarking tool. We also wanted to create a tool for analysing the key data of companies in the sector, bearing in mind the suppliers, consultants, financial operators and policy makers who, in their various capacities, interact with the companies of the district.

We believe we have succeeded.

The feedback we received was very positive and encouraged us to continue on this path, leading to the second volume of what we hope will become an established thematic series dedicated to companies in the Medtech sector.

Despite the reduced average size of its companies, the Medtech sector is an important sector for Emilia-Romagna. Centered around Bologna and Mirandola are a large number of companies with excellent performance in terms of innovation, profitability and export-orientation and with a potential for growth that is higher than that of other established industrial sectors. These two poles therefore constitute an important case study that deserves to be analysed with great care.

We think it worth repeating: for SCOA – Studio Consulenti Associati there are no “big” or “small” companies. It is not the size of a company that matters today, but its potential for developvment and growth. This perspective is the real resource for creating value.

Contributing to enhancing Emilia-Romaga’s business heritage, helping our territory’s future champions to emerge, is not only SCOA’s mission, but is inherent in our DNA. We firmly believe that rationalising and contextualising data, making it available to entrepreneurs in a comprehensible and easy to use way, can contribute, or at least facilitate, the economic and social development of our Region. This type of activity naturally completes that of an advisor working on the ground alongside SMEs, a role that we continue to play with genuine passion.

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