About Us


SCOA is a brand created in 1977, which has based its development on providing specialized business consulting, highly-competent and specialised staff, reliable answers and discretion in its professional relationships.

SCOA’s core competences lie in financial and strategic, legal, fiscal and administrative advisory services and in supporting company management both in managing day-to-day affairs and in building innovative projects for growth and development.

The SCOA professional association (Studio COnsulenti Associati) is a multidisciplinary team of professionals which supports corporate performance: Management consultants, lawyers, tax specialists, labour lawyers, labour consultants, auditors and business economists, who pool resources, expertise and services with the aim of offering effective assistance to managers and entrepreneurs.

Our Network

The core of our team comprises our  Associates as well the many consultants who work at our headquarter. Our structure allows us  to cover a greater geographical area and to add specific skills. External consultants, with whom SCOA has a long-established relationship, also form part of our team.

Our key strength is the ability to build a highly qualified team for each individual project, led by a central coordination group which is responsible for ensuring a seamless integration of the various professional skills and individuals necessary for delivering solutions. The teams are used to working together and this contributes to the efficiency implementation of made-to-measure projects.

Thanks to established relationships with major professional firms and consultants, SCOA is able to assist its clients in all the operations they intend to undertake in Italy and internationally.


A thorough knowledge of the competitive forces which shape the markets in which our clients operate is a fundamental requirement for building sustainable and deliverable business and development plans. The AREASCOA brand embodies over 25 years of experience in analyzing markets, sectors and business models, as a basis for assessing the client’s competitive positioning and helping entrepreneurs to focus their businesses effectively on market needs and trends. From the metal and machinery sector to the biomedical sector, from the food sector to public utilities, from logistics to the advanced services sector, we are able to support our client’s strategic planning with an objective appraisal of opportunities and threats external to the company.

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