Management, protection, division, and succession of personal wealth

SCOA provides assistance to individuals and families in addressing, with awareness, issues related to the ownership, management, protection, division, and succession of personal wealth.

Fundamental in this context is the perfect integration of our professionals' diverse specialisations, allowing efficient and practical solutions. SCOA has the necessary expertise to provide assistance through both traditional and more innovative tools, such as wills, the establishment of holdings, trusts, testamentary trusts, and donations.

Our professionals also assist clients in structuring methods to protect their wealth, both for reasons of privacy and for preventive defence against potential third-party attacks. Solutions are evaluated and developed using both traditional and innovative tools, such as fiduciary ownership, life insurance policies, trusts, endowment funds, cohabitation agreements, and real estate funds.

SCOA also has extensive and proven experience in resolving disputes related to inheritance law, such as assistance with the acceptance and renunciation of inheritance, actions challenging wills, inheritance devolution, protection of legitimate heirs, and the dissolution of joint inheritance.

Finally, SCOA provides assistance and advice, both in out-of-court and judicial phases, in the division of significant assets in crisis situations.