Generational transfer of business and family wealth

An incorrectly managed generational transition risks causing discontinuity that can negatively impact business performance, leading not only to a reduction in family wealth but also a dispersion of entrepreneurial knowledge.

To safeguard business continuity and family wealth, precise strategies need to be adopted to manage the generational transition, turning it from a potential problem into an opportunity. It's not just about transferring ownership and/or roles but also knowledge and values.

For these reasons, the generational transition must be managed as a comprehensive process involving issues related to ownership, governance, and management of the business and family wealth. It should involve the entire family and the top structure of the company.

SCOA provides qualified assistance in addressing these issues with awareness. Its multidisciplinary team allows efficient, practical, and innovative solutions.

Traditional tools often do not guarantee stability and certainty in generational change, and therefore more innovative instruments such as trusts, family agreements, statutes and shareholder agreements, and holding companies are essential.