Acquisitions, mergers, private equity

SCOA boasts a consolidated and recognised expertise in assisting its clients in extraordinary operations, such as acquisitions, mergers, and sales, both in Italy and abroad.

To address the complexity of extraordinary operations and the various phases involved, assistance is carried out in full integration among the various professional areas of SCOA. These areas provide the necessary support for the entire process, starting from identifying the best structure for the operation, through due diligence, to negotiation, and drafting the contracts needed to formaliSe the buying and selling and/or merging.

SCOA has considerable experience in negotiating shareholder agreements and agreements between industrial and financial partners, in the context of Public Offer of Acquisitions (OPA), leveraged buy-out operations, private equity, venture capital, contributions, and transformations.

Moreover, SCOA is capable of selecting the most suitable financial partners to guide the client through different types of operations, presenting a wide range of possibilities.