Compliance, corporate liability, privacy, and personal data protection

SCOA provides integrated and qualified compliance consulting, assisting its clients in complying with national and international regulations to prevent potentially unlawful conduct or, if necessary, to promptly intervene to address such conduct.

Our multidisciplinary team at SCOA can assist clients in both structuring and drafting relevant documentation and in inspections and investigations by regulatory authorities.

Thanks to its multidisciplinarity, SCOA assists its clients in the design, preparation, integration, and revision of the so-called "Model 231", accompanying clients in the adoption and subsequent application of specific corporate governance protocols, all in accordance with current regulations. SCOA professionals also participate in Supervisory Bodies established under Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

In the field of personal data protection, SCOA can provide assistance in both staff training and the drafting and updating of documentation required by Italian and European regulations.