Employment, industrial relations, and corporate welfare

The Labor Consultants and Lawyers at SCOA, with a pragmatic and proactive approach, always seek agile and innovative solutions, provide daily assistance to our clients in the field of labor law and industrial relations.

Their assistance specifically covers the entire area of labor and union law, with a focus on restructuring and reorganisation projects, contract law, the development of innovative compensation and incentive policies, personalised company welfare plans, negotiations related to corporate supplementary bargaining, activation procedures for social safety nets, disciplinary measures and the application of consequent sanctions, outsourcing solutions, privacy/data security issues in the workplace, as well as support in implementing specific company regulations.

Thanks to its multidisciplinarity, SCOA also offers labor law assistance in the context of extraordinary corporate transactions.

If necessary, SCOA professionals can assist clients in managing disputes and litigations at every stage, covering delicate and complex issues such as individual and collective dismissals, union disputes, inspections, and the management of related reports (Inps, Inail, ITL), termination of executive relationships, violation of non-competition obligations, employee transfers, and similar cases. Additionally, they organise customised training sessions to analyse the latest legislative developments in labor law.

Our consultancy activity extends to the public sector, both on the employer side and the employee side, including litigation related to competition procedures with appeals against rankings and their outcomes.

Furthermore, SCOA, thanks to its inclination toward technological innovation and particularly process digitiSation, can offer a highly sophisticated and personaliSed HR management outsourcing service.