Tax, accounting, and payroll services for businesses

Thanks to its dedicated division, SCOA provides services to support its clients with the aim of relieving them of obligations that require specific but non-essential expertise for their internal organisations.

This activity is always carried out with the utmost attention to the evolution of available technologies to ensure easy and immediate communication with our clients. We use an advanced collaborative platform and specific apps that allow sharing and exchanging useful information in real-time with clients through multiple channels. Additionally, we minimise resource waste through increasingly automated processes, including the use of artificial intelligence algorithms. We are also committed to achieving the highest level of sustainability, almost completely eliminating the use of paper and the need for physical travel to exchange information and/or documents, while ensuring a high-quality standard for our team and clients.

  • We provide periodic and annual tax services, such as the compilation of income tax returns for individuals and legal entities, IRAP, VAT, INTRASTAT forms, withholding tax certifications, issuance of conformity visas for VAT purposes, property tax IMU, and any other ministerial forms required by current regulations.
  • We manage accounting on behalf of clients, implementing the accounting system on our platform, recording both accounts payable and receivable, as well as all financial transactions. Additionally, we produce all necessary accounting forms and manage both active and passive schedules.
  • We offer Payroll services, including all administrative activities necessary for managing employment relationships. This includes processing payrolls, hiring procedures, and all mandatory periodic obligations.