Strategic and Management Consulting

SCOA provides dynamic and experienced professionals with integrated expertise to offer personalised support and consulting services to businesses, aiming for success and long-term value maximisation.

We believe that a successful entrepreneurial journey requires the definition of clear goals, planning to achieve them, analysis of competitive contexts, organisational efficiency, and continuous performance monitoring. For this reason, we offer professionalism and integrated expertise that can address complex challenges and make a difference in the following areas:

  • Management Consulting: We provide personaliSed support in developing clear and achievable strategies, as well as defining corresponding action plans.
  • Competitive Positioning Analysis: We understand the target market and its opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses through competitor analysis, and define the appropriate positioning to pursue.
  • Financial Economic Planning: We optimise resources by identifying the right tools to ensure efficient management, supported by robust and sustainable financial plans.
  • Organisational and Management Consulting: We offer support to improve efficiency and productivity through the analysis of business processes and the development of customised organisational and technological solutions for optimisation.
  • Planning and control: essential for monitoring progress and ensuring the achievement of short, medium, and long-term objectives. We build tailored tools and methodologies for performance control, which form the only solid foundation for informed decision-making.